The Bravely Story

Bravely was conceived by women survivors of sexual exploitation and addiction. We have a message we want to share with the world: that recovery from trauma is possible through love, compassion, and community.

Women employed at Bravely are participants in the Magdalene St. Louis residential program—a community where women live and recover together. Women in this program will likely have first experienced sexual abuse between the ages of 7 and 11, started using drugs by age 12 or 13, and have been on the streets since age 14.

But now we are on the journey to recovery from our past and we journey together bravely.

An essential part of recovery is preparing for employment and developing skills that will empower us to earn a living wage for the rest of our work careers. That’s why Bravely was formed—we design and sell apparel so that we can share our message of hope with you AND so that we can grow our skills in all aspects of running a business: sales, marketing, web design, order fulfilment, book keeping…the list goes on. These are transferable and marketable skills that we will carry with us for life.

When you wear one of our shirts, you are helping us move forward in our journey and you are sharing in the belief that living and loving bravely is the way to a more compassionate and connected world.

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